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Doggy Daycare

Do you have an active dog who needs extra playtime while you’re away? We are here for you! Bring your furry friend in for a few hours or the whole day. Socialization is very important to keep your dog healthy and happy!!

Full Day*

Over 5 hours


Half Day

Under 5 hours


*we offer additional discount for multi-dog families

What our customers are saying

Piper’s Playhouse Doggie Daycare is the greatest place my dog has ever stayed. I took Mollie to try it out for a few hours to see if she would enjoy it for 1 or 2 days per week. She absolutely loooooved it!!! She now goes all day Monday through Friday! She has made so many dog friends. Mollie used to be extremely shy around anyone but me, but since she has been going to Piper’s she is so much better around people! The staff at Piper’s Playhouse are excellent with all the animals. All the staff are kind and genuinely care about Mollie. They share which dogs she played with that day and Mollie now goes straight to whoever is working so they can take her to her room. 

Leisa Cole

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